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Kolkata, The City of Joy

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta)– the city of joy, city of Rabindranath, city of Satyajit Ray, city of intellectuals, city of football, city of procession, city of political movements, city of arts and culture (cultural capital of India), city of festivals and at last but not the least it is also known as city of best sweets and cuisine. Here is a glimpses of the city:

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Kolkata is the Capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located in the eastern part of India on the east bank the river Hoogly. The city has a population of about 5 million and it is the 4th largest city in India.

Land mark of Kolkata, the Howrah Bridge, 2,150 feet long a engineering marvel. Construction of the bridge was completed in the year 1942, and it was opened for public in February, 1943.

Brief History of the city

In 1690, Job Charnok, an agent of the East India Company landed on the eastern bank of river Hoogly for British trade settlement and he purchased the three large villages along the eastern bank of Hoogly, namely Sutanuti, Gobindapur & Kalikata. Gradually, over the years, the “village Kalikata” was developed into a city “Calcutta” by the British.

Calcutta served as the capital of India during the British Rule until 1911. Once the city Calcutta was centre of modern education, science, culture and political movements in India. The Bengal as a whole was much developed those days in all sectors including politics, which gave birth of a proverb – “what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow”.

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Kolkata is also a key junction for those planning to travel through the eastern regions of India. Connected by flights, railways and buses, it serves as the ideal base for an eastern sojourn.

There are many things to see and do in Kolkata. We are pleased to assist you by suggesting the best ways to visit the best places in which to travel and also save your valued time, should you choose to travel around the city.

Meanwhile, here’s a listing of some remarkable places in and around the city.

Indulgence to Foods & Sweets

As already mentioned about Kolkata that it is a city of best sweets and cuisines. Food and sweet are the two greatest indulgence of Kolkata [Indulgence to Foods & Sweets] people. Kolkatans love to eat and also they’re great hosts. Every meal, ends with choicest sweets and Misty Doi (sweetened curd). The unique range, quality, taste, variety and cheap rates of sweets can leave you amazed. The Kolkata sweets are best sweets in India and unparalleled in quality. Rosogolla, Misty Doi (sweetened curd) and confectionery of PataliGur (date palm jaggery) are three delicacies of Bengal.

Besides Mughlai (tandoori, kebabs, biriyani etc.), Continental, Thai, Tibetian cuisines, Chinese cuisines are also very popular in Kolkata. Authentic quality Chinese cuisine is available in the eating houses/ Restaurants in Our Hotels and also in Old China Town run by the Chinese people. Kolkata is also having varieties of junk foods. The quality of these foods is also too good. The quality and varieties of these foods too are not available outside Bengal.

Places of Interest

The places of interest in Kolkata city are as diverse as its population. The city is the plinth for great architectural and constructional feats. These places presents a definite epoch, an important figure or faith, presents the historical account of the bygone days. The impressions embedded throughout the city are still fresh and not more than 300 years old. Unlike other places of attractions the city has not been gifted by any ruler or dynasty. The places of interest as such encompass diverse fields and faculties.