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Why Desovarani?
We constantly encourage our employees to do “Jobs Never Done Before”. At Desovarani, employees are inspired to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit. We provide opportunities for professionals to become successful risk-taking entrepreneurs. Their skills are honoured to drive future business opportunities and to help them step into leadership roles within the organization.

Work Benefits
At Desovarani, employees are the most vital asset and are valued at all times. Deserving employees receive recognitions and reward them for their continued hard work.

Starting Your Career?
At Desovarani, we offer a world of opportunities to young professionals looking to embark on a successful career.

Experienced Professional?
We welcome experienced professionals to work in a culture that gives an opportunity to work as an entrepreneur.

To be a part of Desovarani Hotel Group, kindly drop your resume at careers.

Please remember to include information about your education, nature and years of work experience, previous and current employers, present & expected emoluments and position/role sought.

Welcome to Hotel De Sovrani! The perfect experience where value for money meets luxury! Situated in Salt Lake, this hotel is well connected and easily accessible to all parts of Kolkata. Known for its architectural beauty and customer service, at Hotel DeSovrani we treat every guest with utmost importance and aim to provide an experience you cannot forget!

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